[trend alert] NEON

It’s almost spring, and the season’s trends are starting to surface. We’re particularly excited about the neon trend, but blindingly bright shades can be intimidating. We all want to be trendy, but without committing a faux pas! Here’s how to wear your neon right… without blinding your friends.

neon jewelry

neon jewelry

Accessories are a great way to brighten up your outfit without taking the neon too far. Try a bright pink collar necklace, a bright yellow wristwatch, or a set of neon bangles.

neon nails

neon nails

Nail polish is a subtle way to embrace this trend. Neon is in so bright colors are everywhere - just choose your favorite shade (or mix and match)!

neon shoes

neon shoes

Bright shoes are a bolder way to use some color. With such attention-grabbing shoes you’ll need a great pedicure to pull this off - if they’re open-toed, that is.

neon swimsuits

neon bikini

Neon swimsuits are not for the pale! Make sure you have a base tan before donning your bikini - but once you have it, the neon will make it pop.

neon bags

neon bag

Bags are a staple accessory and a great way to show off your fashionable side. Choose a bright purse or a neon work bag to pull this off!

neon eyeshadows

neon eyeshadow

Neon eye makeup is tricky, but if you get it right, it can be stunning. Check out this tutorial for some tips!


Heard of a great spring trend you think we should hear about? Let us know in the comments!


Elements of Style | Nails

A lot of your personal style is what you wear, and that includes what you wear on your nails. At CakeStyle, we’re all obsessed with finding fun new ways to do our nails, so we wanted to share some of our favorite looks with you. Try out a new one you’ve never seen before - trust us, these are all simple! We’re busy, just like you, and we love quick and fun nail ideas.


As far as we’re concerned, neutral nails are always in. Tones of pale pink, beige or off-white are subtle, feminine, and always beautiful.


We love the fun geometric shapes on these nails, especially for a weekend look. This is an easy way to spice up a plain color!

one-of-a-kind nails

If you have a little patience and a lot of time, try this tribal look. It might be time-consuming, but nails that are all unique can be gorgeous.

matte finishes

Matte is in, but don’t worry! You don’t have to replace your entire collection. Try picking up a bottle of matte finish to bring this trend to any color.

extreme glitter

This glitter might be a bit extreme for the workplace, but anyone can use it to let loose on the weekends! Remember, the bigger the glitter pieces, the bolder the look.

glitter tips

Want some glitz, but not too much? Try painting a fine glitter over a similar color, just on the tips. Use more glitter on the tips to get this look.

adjacent shades

To get this unique look, try painting each nail with a different shade of a certain color (pink and purple work great). Spice it up with some different textures, too!

newspaper nails

Are you a word junkie? Try transferring newsprint to your nails! Check out this easy how-to video to get this look.


Elements of Style is a type of feature on the CakeStyle blog. Great style isn’t just the things you choose to wear, but the items you carry, the food and drinks you serve, how you decorate your home, and much much more. At CakeStyle, we understand that clothing is only one part of your personal style, so in these posts we aim to discuss the other elements that help make up who you are.