[trend alert] NEON

It’s almost spring, and the season’s trends are starting to surface. We’re particularly excited about the neon trend, but blindingly bright shades can be intimidating. We all want to be trendy, but without committing a faux pas! Here’s how to wear your neon right… without blinding your friends.

neon jewelry

neon jewelry

Accessories are a great way to brighten up your outfit without taking the neon too far. Try a bright pink collar necklace, a bright yellow wristwatch, or a set of neon bangles.

neon nails

neon nails

Nail polish is a subtle way to embrace this trend. Neon is in so bright colors are everywhere - just choose your favorite shade (or mix and match)!

neon shoes

neon shoes

Bright shoes are a bolder way to use some color. With such attention-grabbing shoes you’ll need a great pedicure to pull this off - if they’re open-toed, that is.

neon swimsuits

neon bikini

Neon swimsuits are not for the pale! Make sure you have a base tan before donning your bikini - but once you have it, the neon will make it pop.

neon bags

neon bag

Bags are a staple accessory and a great way to show off your fashionable side. Choose a bright purse or a neon work bag to pull this off!

neon eyeshadows

neon eyeshadow

Neon eye makeup is tricky, but if you get it right, it can be stunning. Check out this tutorial for some tips!


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