What to wear to… a post-work happy hour

It’s an eternal conundrum: you’re getting dressed to go to work, but right afterwards you’re heading to a happy hour with your coworkers or your girlfriends. You have to look professional at work, but you want to be able to spice it up a little for the fun evening out without completely changing clothes.

How can you make this work? Well, we’d suggest starting with a nice staple dress that matches different accessories and shoes (which are much easier to switch up than the dress itself). For the office, pair the dress with a blazer and a simple pair of heels in a neutral color. Top it all off with office-appropriate jewelry - nothing too crazy!

To transition this outfit to an evening look, you’ll have to bring some extra things - for the Polyvore below, we chose a cardigan with subtle sequins, a bright pair of heels, and a statement necklace. The changes to the outfit are easy to do but make a drastic difference, while still making it appropriate to appear in front of your coworkers (and even your boss) while wearing it. 

Day-to-night Polyvore

Same dress, same belt - but the accessories, jackets and shoes make all the difference! This is the perfect way to take your outfit from professional to party while still keeping it classy and appropriate for any sort of happy hour.


"What to wear to…" is a type of feature on the CakeStyle blog. With it, we hope to help you get dressed for uncertain situations so you can go into any meeting, party or date with confidence.